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Mosinee Basketball Statement


Vision Statement

To produce champions on and off the court.

Mission Statement

 To embody the principles and practices of a championship basketball program and make a positive impact within the Mosinee community through our commitment to purposeful, hard work and our core values.

 Core Values



Pursuing a common goal through love and accountability


 Doing the right thing, on time, every time 


 Exhibiting confidence without arrogance


Doing and saying what is right because it is the right thing to do


Exhibiting an intense desire for excellence


 Recovering or adjusting well to difficult circumstances or change


Seeking and acting on opportunities to help others

    Basketball Community Gym Schedule

    The Mosinee community is welcome to utilize gym space for the use of basketball pickup games and skill development work.

    Parents are expected to be present to monitor/work with their kids as this is not a school sponsored event.  A basketball board booster club member will be present to open and close the gym and monitor behavior and take action where needed.  

    These time frames are subject to change/close at any moment/time due to weather, schedule conflicts and board member availability.  In the event a gym time is shortened during the scheduled community window, parents should be present as kids cannot be left alone in the school.  Please respect these rules so that we can continue to offer indoor access to our community. 

    Reminder you must bring your own basketball.   

    MARCH 2020

    Date Gym Start Time End Time
    03/01/2020 Closed for Season    


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    From our Coaches

    Thank you for visiting our Mosinee basketball web page.  We hope we can count on your support throughout the year. Please take the time to check out our schedule to try and get to our games and see one of our hard working teams competing and representing Mosinee High School very proudly.”

    10,000 Shot club

    To All Boys & Girls Basketball Players,

    Congratulations on your 2018-19 basketball season. We are very excited with the progress that you have made, and are excited about the future of Mosinee Basketball.

    Preparation for the next basketball season starts now! From now until the start of next season is a great time to be working on your weaknesses and becoming a better player.

    Great basketball players are not born, they are made.

    We are challenging each of you from June 1st until September 30th to join the Shot Club. To become a member of the shot club, you will need to take and record basketball game shots! Shots should be game shots at game speed! Always use the correct form when taking your shots. 100 quality shots are better than 1000 sloppy shots.

    • Eye on Target
    • Stance & Balance - Square Up

    • Shot pocket
    • Grip
    • Balance Hand
    • Delivery
    • High release
    • Follow through

    • Shoot a variety of shots: Always start closer to the basket where you are most comfortable and move out only when ready.
    • Go full speed- maximize your shooting session
    • Follow your shot
    • Enjoy your practice, and the process! Results will come


    To be part of this shooting club you will need to fill out the Google form  by the 5th of the following month. For example, June's shooting totals will be due by July 5th. 

    Boys' 10,000 Shot Club Link

    Girls' 10,000 Shot Club Link

    If you achieve the goal of 10,000 shots you will receive special recognition at a basketball event as well as individualized outerwear!


    “Some people want it to happen, some wish it could happen, others MAKE IT HAPPEN!”
    ~ Michael Jordan

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